I’d Eat That

I hate grocery shopping. And I am not exaggerating when I use the word hate.

If I were a character in Dante’s Inferno, I am quite certain that my own personal circle of Hell would be an endless aisle in the Walmart on 300 West in Salt Lake City in which I was damned to an eternity of pushing a shopping cart with one wobbly wheel while strangers breathed down my neck and stepped on my heels trying to pass me in the aisle only big enough for one shopping cart. (Newt Gingrich and Thom Yorke would probably be among the hellish strangers.. just FYI)

The only tasks less appealing than cooking and grocery shopping are cooking without a plan and grocery shopping without a list. Shortly before starting my new job, I compiled 25 of my favorite recipes into a digital cook book that I designed.  After browsing my neatly organized and elegantly designed cook book, you may no longer believe me that I hate cooking. Why would I put so much effort into something I hate? Well, my dear Watson.. because I have found that the more effort I put into planning and organizing, the easier cooking and grocery shopping become. And the less I hate them.

(And hey, I’m pretty sure we could all use a little less hate in this world.)

I am the girl whose college room mates will never let her forget a frustrating incident sophomore year in which I tried to boil a pot of water over medium heat for 45 minutes because I “didn’t want it to get too hot.” Facepalm. I have come a long way since then and have even learned to enjoy cooking on occasion. I cannot foresee the day when I actually enjoy grocery shopping, but we haven’t starved yet (in fact, JJ seems to be doing the exact opposite of starving) so I guess I’m doing something right.

Before my Grandma Karrie passed away the first summer I was married, she made me a color coded recipe card book that was organized by type of meal and days of the week. I have grown to love several recipes from that book and have also gathered new favorites from all over the place. I shared my digital files with my mom and sister a few months ago and Jessi has since asked me if I would post a printable version, so she could share it with some friends. I don’t claim to own any sort of copyrights to these recipes, but the layout is all my original work. If you want to print out these pages and stick them in a binder for your own personal use, I would be tickled to death. But if you want to share any of these files digitally on the internet, I would only ask that you link back to my blog.

You’ll notice that there are 5 recipes for each day of the week. AKA: your meal planning is done for the next 5 weeks! The ingredients column makes grocery shopping almost bearable and you can write in your own ideas in the bottom section for side dishes or modifications. You’ll also notice that my week excludes Sundays. This is because I am sufficiently spoiled and have always had a mom or an Aunt Shelley close by to feed me on most Sundays of my life. (You can always repeat a Wednesday meal for Sunday. Who can go wrong with classic meat and potatoes.. am I right?)

All of these recipes are 100% tried and true by a genuine cooking noob. Nothing gourmet here. Just recipes compiled over the last three years that have caught my eye and caused me to shake my head in the affirmative while thinking, “I’d eat that.”

Afterthought: Kindly excuse the misspelling of a few words including but not limited to potatoes and chili. Whew! Glad that’s out of the way.


I'd Eat That

I'd Eat That2

I'd Eat That3

I'd Eat That4

I'd Eat That5

I'd Eat That6

I'd Eat That7

I'd Eat That8

I'd Eat That9

I'd Eat That10

I'd Eat That11

I'd Eat That12

I'd Eat That13

I'd Eat That14

I'd Eat That15

I'd Eat That16

I'd Eat That17

I'd Eat That18

I'd Eat That19

I'd Eat That20

I'd Eat That21

I'd Eat That22

I'd Eat That23

I'd Eat That24

I'd Eat That25

I'd Eat That26

I'd Eat That27

I'd Eat That28

I'd Eat That29

I'd Eat That30

I'd Eat That31

I'd Eat That32

I'd Eat That35


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