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The name is  Brittany Kay Feinauer and the B Side Beat is a small glimpse of my unfolding life as a 24 year old child. I am an assistant early childhood  teacher at Little Miners Montessori in Park City, Utah where I get to both teach and learn from beautiful tiny human beings every day.

I love Virginia, tennis, volleyball, Shel Silverstein, kids, the color yellow, the smell of popcorn, snails,  floating down rivers, reading, soda, road trips, Paris, Art, journaling, thrift stores, laughing, and feeling balanced.

I am married to a handsome blue eyed  journalist named JJ Feinauer. He is the web producer for the Moneywise and Opinion sections of The Deseret News online. He also scribbles down nonsense from time to time in his personal blog, Beaches East.

We met in a Classics of Western Literature course our sophomore year at Southern Virginia University and accidentally fell in love while pretending to read Dante and Milton. We were married and sealed in the Washington DC LDS temple in 2011.

We currently live in the Sugarhouse area of Salt Lake City where we can often be found feeding the ducks and shooting the breeze at Fairmont park. JJ makes me laugh when I’m happy, but he also makes me laugh when I feel like crying…and that is exactly why he is my very best friend. Our first daughter Abby Lee was born premature because of heart problems on March 4, 2014. She continues to influence our hearts from the other side of that thin veil that separates us from our greatest joy and tiny guardian angel.

Life is short, but love is long.

And the beat goes on.





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